My dotfiles are dracula themed and are inspired by Luke Smith's voidrice dotfiles. All the builds of suckless software are original builds, and there is a decent amount of originality in my dotfiles as well.

I will make an install script for my dotfiles and suckless builds at a later date, probably for common distributions like Arch, Void, and Debian specifically. Included are two wallpapers, one made by the folks that make the dracula theme, and one of them was a picture taken by Kai Stevenson. I trust that you'll figure out which one's which.

Picture taken of dotfiles

You can get the dotfiles here:

git clone git://

And given a certain suckless program, you can clone my version like this:

git clone git://[suckless_program]_dracula.git

If you still have problems getting the copies of the software, you can browse my git frontend for the software names.