I am a student in Canada, currently doing mathematics, programming, and many other things as hobbies. I decided to refactor my website to be automatically generated via VimWiki with my own postprocessing script.

About this site

This site was automatically generated by vimwiki. It contains javascript only for mathematic notation rendering and some minimal css to ensure that this website is quick to load. It uses the colors from the Tokyo Night theme for vim and for other applications because it is the theme I use for my dotfiles.

The website is hosted on Vultr. I do my own sysadmining for everything.


The favicon is a symbol for the lithium ion. It represents computing and potential energy in the form of a battery, and it also represents my interest in chemistry. Basically, it's a symbol for programming, physics, and chemistry. Li also happens to be my mom's last name.

The favicon was designed by Kai Stevenson.


This entire website and its various writings on different topics are licensed under the MIT license. For more information, see the license file.

Submitting an Article

If you would like to submit an article on my website and are an expert or knowledgable on a certain subject, I can make an article entry in the topic of interest and you may submit your article there. It must be in the vimwiki format and you may send me the article via email or over irc with https://0x0.st. After you send me the article I can add a cryptocurrency address and an author title/website if you want one. You can also specify a description for your article.

You may also contribute by submitting patches for grammatical and spelling errors. I will be glad to fix them if they are pointed out to me. You can send a patch via email or irc. Depending on how I feel about collaboration, you may also send a patch for some other projects. Ask me first though.


You may contact me on these platforms:


If you want to give me access to your server, add my rsa public key.