About Me

Hello! My name is Preston Pan, a student in Canada. Here is a little bit about myself:

I'm also many other things of course. One of my hobbies is that I'm a magician, for example. However, this is going to be technology oriented probably so you can find the magic content either on my youtube, peertube LBRY channels. Links to them below.

Contact Me

I only use platforms that respect my privacy and allow me to freely express my views. Therefore, I do not have an active discord account or social media.

Video Platforms

My long term goal for this website is to not rely on other websites. Therefore, it would be great if you could use this website as opposed to other websites for my content.


I mostly do programming projects, but social and political projects may be done in the future.

My Dotfiles

My minimal GNU+Linux dotfiles.

PrestonPan Website

My amazing website.


An elegant, and frankly useless compiled programming language.

Take a look at my projects >

Recent blog posts

The following are some recent blog posts by me that are not explicitly projects.

Switching to OpenBSD

A nice operating system.


My thoughts on web bloat and software bloat.

Free Software

My thoughts on free software.

My amazing blog posts >


These are all the services my website offers. You may use them for any purpose.

Git repos

Please use my own git server when possible. This is because I don't update anything else too often. Nevertheless, here are some places where I have hosted some code.

About this site

This site was designed to be minimal, with less than 120 lines of css, and no javascript. To avoid using javascript, I used a static site generator that I wrote specifically for this website.

If you like that this website has no hidden trackers, google fonts, or really anything that could undermine your privacy, or frankly, your eyes, consider: