Preston Pan (aka LiCoO2)

Welcome to my joint personal website and wiki! I'm a person on the internet that lives in Canada. I'm currently a high school student, so don't expect notes here to be extremely acedemic, although I try my best in the topics below. My economics notes and my journal are obviously subject to bias.

I also do some programming, which is not explicitly listed in the section below, but my programming projects should be under projects.

NOTE: Some links may 404 because I am not done this website completely.

If you would like to view this site without any javascript or a web browser, run git clone git:// to view the vimwiki files.


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I am a part of the Null webring, a webring I helped make.

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All the work that I do is basically for free. If you like any of the work that I do, you can support me with the following cryptocurreny address:

I use Monero because of a few reasons. First, Monero is the only cryptocurrency right now that is used as an actual currency. Second, it is private, and third, the transaction fees are extremely low. I do not think most other crypocurrencies solve meaningful problems, and I therefore do not accept them. I might also get a kofi account, though right now I don't care enough to.